The new period of the renovation of the organ was started

The renovation was made by Latvian Ugale Workshop of Organbuilding. The works with the renovation of the pipes and windsystem of organ were finished in July of 2008, the results were recorded on the CD.
In autumn 2009 we became the financial possibility to order the works for the reparation of windchest, in 2011 the works with the actions and play console were finished.

In 2012 the last works have been started - the restoration and conservation of organ case and reparationworks of the organ balcony by the Estonian restoration company Alexander Eckert OÜ.

The restoring of organ case have been done with the financial help of  LEADER-Programme (EU) and the Local Community of Kadrina in the years 2012-2014.

Specification of organ


I manual II Manual Pedal
Bourdon 16' (Herrmann) Gedackt 8' (Herrmann) Subbass 16' (Herrmann)
Principal 8' (Herrmann)
Hohlflöte 8' (Herrmann) 
Zartflöte 8' (Herrmann) Principal 8' (Herrmann)
Viola di Gamba 8' (Herrmann) Salicional 8' (Herrmann)  
Prestant 4' (Herrmann) Flauto 4' (Kalninš)  
Spitzflöte 4' (Herrmann)    
*Cornett 1 - 3 fach (Kalninš)
2' + 2 2/3' (al. c) + 1 3/5' (al. c1 )
Mixtur 4 fach
C           2' 1 1/3' 1' 1/2'
c       2 2/3' 2' 1 1/3' 1'  
c1     4' 2 2/3' 2' 1 1/3'    
c2 5 1/3' 4' 2 2/3' 2'   1/3'    
Great to Pedal
Swell to Great
The stop is signed as Quinte 2 2/3´ in playconsole.    

The organs of the family Herrmann are characterized with the powerful sound, but from construction very easy solved and firm instruments. The voicing and tuning of these instruments has it's personal character, owned special only to this organbuilders family. The soundpicture of Herrmann-Organs has such kind of features as: opened wooden flutes; powerful and main tone accenting stringpipes; Principals, which are from voicing very close to strings; light Octave stops and deep Mixtures. The organ of St. Catharina Chruch in Kadrina is built with a type of windchest, where the pipes of the both of manuals are locating on the common windchest.

The renovation and partly reconstruction of the Herrmann-Organ was started in 2007.
The works are made by the Latvian Organbuilding Firm "Ugales Ergelbuves Darbnica", directed by organ restaurator Janis Kalnins.

By the first period of works are the pipe-werk and windsystem renovated. The pipe-werk was restored, the missing stops and the stops with casual pipes were replaced with the original-analogical pipes on the example of Herrmann-organ in Zlçkas in Latvia. In 2007 reconstructed stops are: Cornett 1-3f, Mixture 4f and Flauto 4´. The original bellows with the mechanical foot-operated pumping system were reconstructed too.
The first period of works was finished in summer 2008.